Talk Talk and their very poor customer service

Here’s yet another Talk Talk gripe for you.  I don’t think for a minute that we are the only ones who are seriously disappointed with their poor customer service.

After five months of phone calls and e-mails, I have still not had a sensible and productive conversation with anyone at Talk Talk.  I managed to get through to someone in Delhi today and I was then transferred a total of five times over the next hour.  Eventually I was transferred back to the customer service person I spoke to in the first place.  I wanted to do was cancel our line rental!  Is it so difficult?

I never thought I would say this but we are seriously considering going back to BT and I thought their customer service was woeful.  People complain about them all the time, but until you’ve tried a worse internet provider then you really don’t now just how bad it can get.  And believe me – you can be quite literally tearing your hair out with frustration!  Now BT are not anywhere near as bad as Talk Talk in my opinion,  so with this in mind I have just sent Talk Talk a letter of complaint and the text below is an extract of what I said to them:

For those who wish to complain to Talk Talk they have a dedicated contact page. Don’t forget to leave a message on here and let us know how you get on!

Talk talk, poor customer service.I decided to leave BT because there customer service was terrible and I was promised that Talk Talk would be better, a lot better.  But you are worse, if fact I think the worse company I have ever the misfortune to deal with!  On our first bill there was statement Here at Talk Talk were truly committed to providing you with the highest level of service; I notice on our latest bill that this statement has disappeared very strange that!

…come back BT, because all is now truly forgiven

Well I don’t really expect to get a response to that letter, but who cares come back BT, because all is now truly forgiven since I have had such a terrible experience with Talk Talk!

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  1. anonprox 09/03/2015 / 1:34 pm

    This is a copy of my gripe posted on another site. But it still stands.

    “Talktalks motto, if they had one, would be ‘win’. If the customer said black was white, TT would argue that black is grey. If the customer then said that black was grey, TT would argue that its white. If the customer, said that 2+2=4, then TT would argue about that. The customer always has to be wrong, therefor talktalk are always correct. They can not lose, will not lose. Argue, argue, argue. Contradict, contradict, contradict. Everything is seen as an opportunity for negotiation in their favour. They dont care about keeping the customer happy, only keeping themselves happy. Whenever they apologies it is meaningless, as they keep on doing something to apologies about. You can have a fault. You phone them and tell them. They ask you to repeat up to three times what you have explained. When you get tired of this and say you are no longer repeating what is perfectly clear (and should be by now) they say ‘how can we help you if you do not tell us whats wrong?’. Get this for genius. ‘We are not going to do what you want, as we want you to have a good customer experience’. This was a supervisor. I put it to one of them yesterday, do you suppose that if you successfully force the customer to do what they do not want to do, they are going to be even more happy with you, or even more unhappy with you?’ The answer was basically an inferred if you dont like it leave. Talktalks idea of good customer service skill, is to force the customer to do what they want, or to beat the customer. Everything has to be argued about. youll also notice a tactic of answering a question that has not been asked, as a way of avoiding answering the question that has been asked. Switching subject in other words when they are losing or it seems like they are or could lose the argument. And yet they initiate the argument. In spite of everything they still will not let you go cleanly, because as i said it has to be done to their advantage. Letting you go and still collecting the money would be to their advantage, despite p$ssing the customer off completely. they still have to win. They lack social skill, shame and etiquette. They are like a half council brick thrown through a plate glass window.”

  2. mfj1145 28/11/2014 / 1:32 pm

    if you are considering contracting talk talk, PLEASE DO NOT !!! customer service is ridiculously and HIGHLY FRUSTRATINGLY appalling. Simple requests appear to be beyond their comprehension and you WILL be passed from department to department often re-visiting the department which could not understand your request in the first place. this WILL happen to YOU time and time again.

    I have now written to talk talk customer services detailing my VERY SIMPLE request. IF I ever get a reply, I will update my comments to let you all know how I got on.

    I now need to take another blood pressure tablet!

  3. anon 07/11/2014 / 2:10 pm

    For info the email address for TalkTalk's CEO is
    Her name Ms Dido Harding.

    You may get a better response using this rather than their call centres, (Then again you may not!) However at least you will waste some of their time and not just your own

  4. miserablemoaninggit 06/11/2014 / 1:11 pm

    This gripe does have an impact. I now automatically throw away any literature I get from TalkTalk offering a cheaper rate than my current phone and broadband supplier, BT, remember the comments on this site.

    There have been so many gripes about this company that I was certainly STAY AWAY FROM TALK TALK, as raginggemma emphatically advises.

  5. Hawks922 06/11/2014 / 9:40 am

    I truly sympathise with all of the Talk Talk customers with the issues wiht installations and bills. My problem is far simpler. You know when you open an account with Talk Talk they provide a box that simply asks you if you mind being contacted by Talk Talk regarding new products or services and any affiliates, well I always say NO to these with all companies which stops the cold calls. Well Talk Talk called my home at 16:20 when I am at work, but refused to talk to my partner as she was not the bill payer and I have informed them that my partner has the right to speak on my behalf regarding the account should we have any issues and I am not available (Reasonable request I think). So I return their call and ask why they are cold calling my number again, because Initailly they called me a number of times in their so called 28 day cooling of period and I made it clear during those calls I was not interested and not to call my number. Anyhoots I listen to some Asian guy tell me they did not call me and asked him why is it I wrote the number down from the call log, called it and was now talking to him if he didn't call me. That got me put on hold for 20 minutes so he could transfer me to a manager (Which I think might have been a cleaner of his sister), well she denied that they made the call and I repeated that this was a return call and then she apoligised and said she would mark my account not to be called, but this request may take up 28 days to be completed and I may get more calls during this period. Can someone please tell why a simple request held on electronic data that can be seen by anyone accessing account take frigging up to 28 days to update their cold call lists which obviously could be done by an overnight batch process. I honesty I weep for the originators of the Computing and IT industry because they believed that e-Data would be more efficient and quicker seems it is rolling back to the old days of send a letter in and wait up to 28 days for a result. Anyway to add insuly to injury they called again the next day and woke my child up (I know I could switch the phone off) and she is going through teething at 8 months old and once she is awake it takes ages to settle her again. Anyway I explained to the numpty on the phone that i specifically requested no more called and told him his call woke my child (Yes I said it in an angry tone) and he laughed at me and said it wasn't his fault he didn't know I had a sleeping child, so I said no you didn't but you have a marker on my account saying don't call me, but you're either a reatrd who can't read or a person who likes to ignore peoples wishes. I could go on about this, but to be honest I am so looking forward to ending this contract with Talk Talk. My Advice is simple if you want to deal with a decent telecoms company that treats it customers with respect do not choose TALK TALK.

  6. Dawn 05/11/2014 / 11:18 pm

    Do not use talk talk…..traumatised big time n dont know how to put into words how they treat customers……no line 2 weeks later and possibly another 2 weeks and theyve got rid of my number….im so angry n upset but noone at talk talk wants to listen…….what a shambolic company

  7. Tasha5192 31/10/2014 / 3:38 pm

    I think there service is disgusting. I spent the majority of my lunch hour trying to ascertain one thing – why had an engineer not to turn up and promised to set up our broadband. After having to prompt the idiot on the other end of the phone to stop referring to his god damn script and answer the question I just asked, it would appear an engineer had been, but all the work is done outside. Thus – my partner would not of had to wait up half the day after a 12 hour shift, nor would I have had to spend my entire lunch hour which consequently meant I didn't eat, and at 18 weeks pregnant if I don't get my food on time I turn into a monster, but I've more than likely run up a fantastic phone bill. Why on earth would they send an automated message, to say someone is coming if no one actually is is beyond a joke?

    Prize prat at the end of the phone also tried to tell me I had to make a complaint there and then. Didn't quite understand anything I was saying! Thoroughly unimpressed and if the internet is not active tonight at 12pm as promised…talktalk better prepare for one stressed out and angry mum to be giving them an earful!

  8. Beth 30/10/2014 / 10:38 pm

    Talk talk are an appalling and imcompentent company. They over billed me on a final bill and I called and was assured they would only take what I owed and my account was amended and not to cancel my back account or I would be fined. I had there talk talk box still which I said I would return when my account was all correct and closed,, needless to say they took the money so stole money which was mine and not there's and another call to them who said I had to wait for the next bill calculation to get my money back. I didn't get my money back and got an account credit and now they have fined me for not returing there you view box and threatened with admin charges it's a joke. I am happy to send there box back when I get the money they wrongfully stole from me. Talk talk are a complete joke and need to sort out there errors and appalling customer service. I'm fed up at spending an hour or more trying to sort it out and getting nowhere! If you are thinking of changing to talk talk please think again

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