Hand cooked sea salt potato chips, an excuse to charge more!

I bought a bag is crisps from the shop today and found myself very annoyed at the way the food industry try to dupe consumers into thinking a product is better than it actually is.

First if all it’s a bag of crisps. Always has been and always will be. They think that calling them potato chips somehow makes them more appealing. Well it might work for the snobs (and perhaps Americans) but it doesn’t fool me.

crispsThen there’s the hand cooked bit. You imagine lots of little guys in a line with their frying baskets carefully tipping in potato slices and then lowering their basket into a deep fat fryer. I doubt it somehow. A more likely scenario is that a HAND presses a button that lowers a huge basket into an equally huge fryer. Hand cooked indeed.

Now as to the new flavours such as cider vinegar and sea salt, well that’s just a pile of bollocks. Look carefully at the labeling and you’ll see the word flavouring. Basically they’ve come up with an e number that smells like seaweed. Probably an accident or a previous batch that went wrong.