Charged for Wi-Fi on the train after buying expensive tickets!

You can get free Wi-Fi in a pub or restaurant when you order a meal or a drink, you can get free Wi-Fi in service stations and in the supermarket. You don’t even need to have made a purchase to log on and connect to the Internet. You can even get your social media fix in the bakery (Gregg’s) while you are waiting on your Cornish Pasty.

trains-no-free-wifiThere are places where free Wi-Fi would be extremely useful but you will often find that it is either time limited or not free, even after you have paid to use services, in some cases quite a lot of money. Examples of this are of course trains and hotels. To be fair not all hotels charge for Internet access and one of these is the budget chain Ibis. Premier hotels limit you to half an hour a day which is somewhat useful, but then there’s the pressure to buy credit when you can’t find what you need in that half hour or when you want some information later on.

Trains that don’t offer free Wi-Fi are the main thing that I find annoying though, especially when your stuck on one for more than a couple of hours and you can’t get a reliable mobile signal, which is more often than not the case. You are left looking at a good strong got spot that offers you connectivity and you can even pay by the minute. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the bad old days of dial-up and entered Internet access.

As far as I am concerned this is just greed and it is unacceptable that these companies should try and squeeze every last penny out of you. They’ve got you where they want you and if there’s no alternative , as quite often there isn’t on a train, all they have to do is sit back and wait while the money comes in. I’m sure this is fine for those travelling on business because the company probably pays, but what about the average traveller?