Slow download speed with Virgin Media

Up until recently I was a Virgin Media broadband customer and have since left them and signed up with Plusnet.  As an avid gamer (please note, I do not download music or videos) I rely on having reasonably good Internet connectivity and to be honest, I really have not been at all impressed with the service I received from Virgin Media.

I have noticed my Internet service being extremely slow during certain hours…

The final straw for me was when my downward speed was reduced to less than 300kb/sec one Sunday evening.  In the past I have had a reliable 2MB/s, even though I live in rural Wales and am some distance from the exchange.  Over several months I have noticed my Internet service being extremely slow during certain hours of the day. Virgin have been less than helpful with this and more often than not my emails were ignored.

Being cut off from a recreational activity that I enjoy and look forward to on a Sunday was enough to persuade me to change Internet provider after quite a few years of being with Virgin and NTL before them.  To make matters worse I was then contacted to try and persuade me to come back!!  Here’s the content of the email I was compelled to send back to Virgin…

Slow Internet speeds...“Come back to Virgin Media, you’re joking aren’t you?  Your service was so bad I would never consider coming back to Virgin and I would advise you to start listening to your customers and what they expect from a broadband service.  Your website is confusing your and your customer service help team are inept at resolving problems.  You have never responded to any e-mails I sent you regarding the problems with my service.  Throttling bandwidth, traffic shaping or whatever other label you care to hang on it have made Internet use with Virgin totally unacceptable.  With a slow service and typical speeds of less that 300kb/sec how is one expected to even surf the web never mind play a game on-line?

I hope for your sake you put your house in order and start giving people what they pay for… a good Internet service, before you loose any more of your customers and come last in the comparison sites Internet service providers.  When I was with NTL I always had good service and the help team always responded to any difficulties I had.  When Virgin Media took over NTL and the service went straight downhill in my opinion and I hope I never have the misfortune to deal with a company like yours ever again.

Please feel free to pass this e-mail to Richard Branson if you wish…   I’m sure he would like to know how THIS customer felt about the service (or lack thereof) from Virgin Media.”

Disgruntled George

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  1. rebs 26/12/2012 / 11:39 am

    there are 3 of us gaming in our house clean quality connections are important to us. I was running with 2 internet providers until i decided to upgrade my virgin to 100mbs at the end of October. But since then i have had nothing but issues with virgin the speed is not the issue it cannot keep connections it drops the connection only for a matter of seconds but enough to disrupt things. i have had 2 engineers out and now lost my wireless. as i also work from home on a laptop it has caused major issue as it has to reconnect each time it is dropped. I have asked sky to re connect me as i with working from home I now find i have no option but to have 2 internet providers. My view is that these 2 companies as bad as each other: virgin – fast but quality dismal, sky speed it so so slow (max 1,8) but more consistant . I really cant see what is so hard about getting a good connection in urban town.s.

  2. I hate Virgin 03/12/2012 / 1:11 pm

    Virgin has just put my media bill up. It said it had doubled my speed. It's now twice as slow.

    It's so disgusting that it is easy to upsize the service [take on more mopre options] via their website when you want to do so, but impossible to downsize the options you have via the web. I am thinking seriously of moving on to to another provider.

  3. Jesuit Priest 16/10/2012 / 4:34 pm

    Virgin strangles user lines in peak times so optimal speeds quoted are often impossible. I spoke to an ex-employee who told me this is policy.

  4. AnnoyedAngryandDisgusted 11/10/2012 / 5:42 pm

    Glad I am not the only one experiencing this terrible service. Called them today about my mothers service and told i was being "trafficked" whatever that label means. 300kbps – my phone goes faster! Was told I could only download at certain times and to stop using the internet.

    Told them I get better service with sky and then hung up. Will be cancelling this connection asap – Will be reporting them to ofcom ect ect. Unacceptable behaviour and false trading.

  5. aimed 03/10/2012 / 4:21 pm

    I Live in Weybridge London. I have Virgin 60MB on cable in fiber optic area.. I wish I never got involved with them. Had problems with the signal – it took 6 engineers to fix the noise on the line. Extremely expensive for the internet connection they provide. You are not allowed to use it during the day – because there is a 5GB traffic limit between 4-9 pm and another one in the morning between 10am-3pm. So DURING THE DAY YOU ARE ALLOWED 15GB AT BEST!!!!! hours . What is the point in having 60MB when you can't use it? And you get 60MB within UK at best otherwise it falls drastically. BAD, VERY BAD. SHAME ON YOU VIRGIN. NO RENEWALL. EVER!!!

  6. hairyfairy 28/09/2012 / 3:55 pm

    I`ve just signed on for a twelve month contract with virgin media, & I only hope that I don`t have as bad an experience of them as others seem to have had, because I was connected yesterday & it`s too late to back out.

  7. James 24/09/2012 / 8:57 pm

    Wow 300kb/s? I'm lucky if i get that 3am in the morning on a weekday. ATM this very second i'm running at a 5kb/s. I can't even load an Internet Webpage Properly!!!

    This is ridiculous, no matter how many times i ring them to fix this, they fiddle with settings that fix it temporarily. After a week or two it's back to it's slow self.

    As i have no control of the Broadband in my household, i can't exactly change SP. But if i could, i'd have changed this over a year ago.

  8. Max 15/04/2012 / 10:02 pm

    300Kb/sec? Luxury! My Virgin Broadband (via BT phone line – there are no fibre optic cables here yet) used to slow down to 130Kb/sec from Friday tea time to the early hours of Sunday morning, and wasn't much better through the week. Virgin customer services would blame the phone line or cables in the house. I now have Orange broadband via the same phone line and speeds are over 4mb/sec now.

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