Rubbish on the streets, there’s no excuse

There is no excuse for the rubbish on our streets these days and you see it all the time. From cigarette butt litter and food litter, to chewing gum and sweet wrappers.  It’s just disgusting.  What ever happened to keep Britain tidy?

Who do they think will clean up their rubbish?

When I was a kid, I was brought up to be responsible and dispose of rubbish properly and put it in a trash can or take it home.  But these days, parents it would seem just don’t teach their children anything about clearing up after themselves.  It has become the norm to just chuck your rubbish down anywhere you like.  We live in a throw away society all right, quite literally.

So many times, I have walked down the street and seen some young lad or lass just drop their sweet wrapper wherever they please.  It makes me so angry, and who do they think will clean up their rubbish after them?  Is it the rubbish fairy?  Is it mum or dad?  No, it’s you and me, because our taxes pay for the streets to be cleaned, and cleaning the street would be a whole lot easier if rubbish was placed in the bin at home or in a public litter bin.

Just put litter in the rubbish bin!

Sweetie papers blowing around our cities are one thing, but the worst type of trash dumped on our streets has got to be food packaging and cigarette butts.  The latter is just disgusting like the habit itself.  In my opinion, these people just need to be towed out to sea and drowned!

Casually discarded food packaging and in some cases the entire meal itself, that’s the real problem.  Every Saturday and Sunday morning you can guarantee you’ll find a load of pizza cartons and stale kebab remnants all over the place left behind from the crowds out socialising the night before.  This kind of rubbish isn’t just untidy, it is also a serious health hazard as well.  Food left on the streets encourages rats, flies cockroaches and all sorts of vermin.

One could argue that part of the reason that there is so much litter on our streets is down to the lack of bins provided.  Yes, to some degree I can go along with that. I know that I find the lack of bins on railway stations a real nuisance.  But there again, I think there is a good reason behind that.  Okay, so there aren’t enough public places to deposit rubbish.  It’s quite straightforward really.  Just take yours home with you!

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  1. arnie 01/10/2014 / 5:23 pm

    young people are the worst culprits of littering and I thought we were trying to save the environment for future generations they just don't get it

  2. Nick 11/11/2013 / 2:07 pm

    It just shows that communities are going down the drain. Nobody has a decent job and gangs and chavs are roaming the streets. Rubbish? That should be the least of your concerns.

  3. Ethan ;P 08/01/2013 / 7:48 pm

    This country is going no wear with this people should be getting fined for what they are doing i love animals and nature im only 12 and this a joke to me im not a hippy but this going to far!!!

  4. Sinjin 17/11/2011 / 12:03 am

    I may not be able to take a bullet for this country, and in most instances probably wouldn't want to. However, I will risk being stabbed for this country telling people and insisting people pick up their litter when caught red-handed. Like rememberance day, there will be very few people left with the moral fibre and consideration that made this country what it was, a far cry from what it is today, a s@*thole. Something needs to be done, soon. Keep Britain Tidy, clearly most people are either illiterate or care even less about themselves. A big slap would cure it. Thing is about other countries like Italy, its not just their pride. People are happy to 'recommend' how other people should behave, otherwise you are shamed into submission. New generations disgust me. Why should I have to pick up after them. Time to leave, again!

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