Renault Laguna with endless problems

I bought a Renault Laguna 1.9 DCI from a garage in Glasgow and during the very first week I had the car, I noticed that a yellow warning light began showing on the dash.  Soon things got a lot worse and I ended up with a lot of black smoke and loss of power.

I decided to take my Renault Laguna back to the garage where I bought it from as there was clearly a problem and the car shouldnt have been sold in that condition.  Later that day they said they fixed the problem, so I picked the car up the following day.  On my way home from the garage no less, the same fault reappeared.

I began what seemed like a continuous cycle of going back to the garage each day, picking the car up when it was fixed, only to discover that it hadnt in fact been fixed.  This went on for approximately two weeks when they advised me that they had installed a new inter-cooler and that the problem had originated there.

A wrench - Renault Laguna with endless problemsOkay, brilliant I thought. Theyve finally managed to solve the problem at last.  A few months later however, the problem surfaced again, so back to the garage it went and they had my car for quite a few days this time.  When I next picked the Laguna up everything seemed fine at least it was for another couple of months until the familiar yellow warning light blinked on.

This time however, things were a bit more serious as there was an awful dragging sound coming from the engine.  I had to pull over and I discovered oil all over the engine.  I called a local mechanic out and he said there was a hole in a pipe (near where you top up the engine oil) and it looked like someone had attempted to fix it with duct tape.  The real issue however, is the fact that the turbo has become damaged due to this bodged fix!

Renault Laguna – two months warranty left

The warranty for my Renault Laguna had about two months left before it expired.  Maybe a coinsidence, but I am really beginning to wonder whether or not the garage had decided to bodge the job so that when the warranty finally ran out, they could fix the problem then as a non-warranty job and Id have to pay through the nose.  I have no proof of course, but one does wonder whether or not SOME garages operate in this way.

By: Brown3895

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  1. Mohd 07/10/2014 / 10:34 pm

    I have 2002 laguna it cuts out while driving can some one help me with that to fixe the problem tnx

  2. Friday Lunchtime 09/12/2013 / 6:17 pm

    French cars are over-designed, over-complex, pretentious pieces of crap.

    Buy German or Japanese in future to avoid these problems.

  3. mrg666 09/12/2013 / 5:19 pm

    I got my laguna 51 plate sport tourer (19 dci) just after the warranty had finished, after around a month the management light came on and it went into limp mode. it did this a few times then seemed to stop . a few months later it started doing it again (forgot to mention stopping and restarting took it out of limp mode ) any way to cut a long story short diagnostics pointed at numerous things , It turned out to be the wiring loom the cover on the engine had been rubbing with the vibration onto the loom and apparently it was quite a common problem (but not according to renault ) I was advised to get a 2 nd hand loom but thought better of it and had a new one fitted by Renault and it as been fine since up till this week the inter cooler is leaking so for all those folk with spurious management faults get the looms checked and throw the engine cover

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