Poor choice of subjects to study at school

I’ve just been through helping my daughter choose her options at school and was shocked at the poor subject choices available.  Now my daughter is no Einstein or even the next Carole Vorderman, but she’s certainly not short of a few brain cells, but the subject choices were unbelievably poor.  We had to choose one subject from three main groups.

The first group had nothing really academic at all.  There were around six or seven ‘arty’ technology type subjects.  The best of the bunch for my daughter was “Food and Technology”.  What a waste of valuable school time so we look at the alternative – a vocational course, i.e. a day release to study at the local college in town.  Even though I think she should be at school it is a way of getting her accustomed to further education environment, so we opted for this and even then the best that was on offer was hairdressing!

Choosing subjects – we were at loggerheads trying to decide

In the second group I would opt for business studies for her in this day and age, but she’s really good on the stage and is very much interested in pursuing this.  I know it’s a tough profession, but she’s up for the challenge and therefore wanted to do drama which is in the same group.  Also in this group was good old fashioned History and Geography.  We were at loggerheads deciding what to choose.

Advice from her teachers led us to decide on drama.  “Let her do something she’s really interested in” I was told. “Far better she does well at something she enjoys it, rather than struggle with a subject and fail because she’s just not interested.” they said.  Fair enough I suppose, but I don’t remember having that kind of pampering in my day.

School subject choices poorIn the final group of subjects the most obvious choice was AiDA – what on earth is that?  It’s basically computer skills, programming etc – again an obvious choice in this day and age.  That was easy, no question about what to go for in this group.  She wanted to give it a go and I agreed.

However, because we chose vocational learning in the first group, she she isn’t allowed to take this subject.  All the subjects in this final group were off limits because we chose vocational learning in the first group.  Why for goodness sake?  This “AiDA” seemed perfect whatever a child ends up doing in life.  I was so disappointed and I guess annoyed.

Did anyone else find this stage of their child’s school life daunting, challenging and nerve racking?  It just seemed to be a nightmare finding the right combination from a load of poorly grouped subjects.  Where’s the “education” of our future generation and why can’t there be a reasonably diverse set of subjects in each group?

By: Pepa

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  1. Mrs overall 08/11/2010 / 9:36 am

    Miss mop….. Typing error big wup! Then than….. At least you got the point of my gripe and having slight learning difficulties doesn't help with spelling etc. Also it hits my point exactly to concerntrate more on English then maybe people like me won't make these basic errors. Enough explanation for you? Xxx

  2. Mrs overall 07/11/2010 / 9:55 pm

    Scrap art, drama, woodwork, cookery, music etc and concentrate more on maths and English and IT studies, they are far more useful then learning how to bake buns and carve wood.

  3. BennotBill 04/08/2010 / 2:21 pm

    I did my A levels this year and all we seemed to do was practice loads of exam papers and learn out of booklets. Sooooo boring!

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