Pinnacle Studio problems are so frustrating

I took my first steps into the world of video editing and producing home movies, using the quick and easy Movie Maker that comes with Windows XP.  I thought to myself, this is great, but I need to be able to do more.  Looking back I should have just stuck with Movie Maker!

Pinnacle Studio seemed to be a really good product at first.  I started using version 9.0 of the software, and I was about half way through making my first movie when I ran into problems with it crashing.  It had all been going so well, and I was actually quite pleased with the results so far.  Initially I was really impressed with the way you could throw in some cool effects if you wanted to (Yes, some people do go a bit mad with them!), and that you could really control the music, sound effect and audio tracks very precisely.  The scene transitions were very effective, and the title editor was exactly what I was looking for.

Pinnacle Studio, video editing, movie making software…a nuisance having to redo all work that I lost

However, the application kept crashing and it was really becoming a nuisance having to redo all work that I lost every time this happened.  Also, the performance began to suffer as the project grew in size and that just made things unbearable so I decided to upgrade to version 9.3 and for a while things were good.  Suddenly though, I ran into difficulties again.  It may have been my fault this time, but for some reason or other I lost the ability to render my movie in anything other than the built in pinnacle codec (MJPEG).  This wasnt much use, because most other PCs and DVD players wouldnt be able to play a file with this codec.

Fed up, I put things off for a good six months at which point, I eventually decided to install version 10 and give it another go.  Big mistake, because my PC just has not been the same since!  This software is a perfect example of BLOATWARE in my opinion.  It sucks up all the available memory, and don’t even think about turning on background rendering, unless you happen to have a Cray Supercomputer tucked under your desk that is!

I just dont understand why it runs so sluggishly!  I know my machine is getting on a bit, but Im not trying to make Star Wars here am I?  It’s just a stupid home movie with a run time of about twenty minutes.  My PC is around three years old now, but it can still play some of the latest games, so that cant be the problem.  Also, on the rare occasions that it does crash, this annoying fault reporting dialogue box pops up.  I just need to get this damn project finished, and then Ill throw this software into the bin where it belongs.

Soon, I intend to sample the delights of Adobe Premier.  Im just hoping it is a better, more productive experience than the one I have had with Pinnacle Studio.

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  1. Richard Mork 05/08/2014 / 3:19 am

    I have been using Painintheacle AKA Pinnacle Studio for 10 years and was getting a reasonable run out of 12 although wasted countless hours due to crashes etc etc etc, seen all the adds for the new quicker 17.5 Bought it BIG MISTAKE as soon as you download it you have to apply a Patch 17.6 why when its purchased it is not up to date I will never understand!
    Then spent 10 hours doing a friends wedding THEN IT JUST STOPPED could not do anything had to close the program Tried to restart it will not start all other programs on my computer start this one will not tried to repair through Control Panel still NOT WORKING should be a law against these thieves selling programs that never work as advertised.

  2. Downhearted of Devon 28/07/2014 / 7:34 pm

    Pinnacle Studio 17 is driving me mad. I used Pinnacle 9 years ago and got to know its little foibles but managed OK. Then after a break in video editing I changed my camcorder and Pinnacle 9 couldn't accept memory cards for downloading film. So I splashed out and upgraded to Pinnacle Studio 17. Very difficult learning how to use it without any inbuilt tutorials but I managed eventually to make DVD of a friend's wedding. Then I went on holiday and returned keen to make a DVD of that. I started making it and all seemed OK. While I was still editing it I received an email with the Pinnacle 17.4 upgrade so, like a fool, I upgraded my software. After that the stills I had incorporated from the video appeared as read thumbnails with an exclamation mark on them. Every time I opened the project it said there was missing media, did I want to re-link it. So I said 'yes'. Then it told me it couldn't locate the missing media. So eventually I went through and removed all those stills I'd put in and re-edited the film without them. When it came to burning to DVD it wouldn't let me do so because it said there was missing media. So no I'm stuck. I've got rid of the stills I'd created but it won't let me burn to DVD. Now another email has arrived encouraging me to download Pinnacle 17.5. I daren't do so in case it messes it up even more. Why are there no simple ways of getting technical advice on this crap software from Pinnacle themselves? Is it because they know what crap it is? Can anyone help please?

  3. collar 28/05/2014 / 7:52 pm

    So there are movies and then there are movies – My partner says its due to the company having to use there budget up by the end of the finacial year. This involves them doing as much research as possible towards the end of the finacial year in case they go over, and make sure this will meet there budget, otherwise their budget amounts for the coming year will be dramatically reduced. This is also why you see a lot of budget film releases in the summer and August in particular taking place but never fully backed up by the big sponsers, too many dodges, too little time and too much talent going to waste?

  4. zuriel 28/05/2014 / 2:47 pm

    Just downloaded Studio 17.5 and it crashes and is sluggish cant do a basic edit with it.
    It has supposed to be the latest patch but it is still rubbish. Takes twice as long to render a few mins of footage than my previous Avid Studio when it WAS AVID.
    Now it's gone to pot like all the previous Pinnacle Studio versions were up to 14.
    Refund required cant use it.

  5. PleaseDoNotBuy 23/05/2014 / 2:52 pm

    50 hours of editing and many test exports of my 4 min-clip, when I totaly finished, the pinnacle 15 chashes and crashes and crashes again and again.
    Waste of my time…..

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