No Satellite Signal Received message on Sky box

I think that Sky on occasion may treat their customers badly.  I work for MGT which is a sub company for Sky, and to be honest with all you people who are having this problem, Sky don’t care about you once they have your money.

they will then offer you a free service call

Just a small tip – if you are experiencing No Satellite Signal and you are out of warranty, just say to them that you want to cancel and you will be passed through to cancellations turnaround department where they will attempt to keep you as a Sky customer.  They will either offer you a half price service call (decline this) or they will then offer you a free service call.  Let them know that you are highly unhappy and suggest that you could maybe get half price TV for the next 3 months it’ll work wonders for yourself.

Sky only have a writing department and take 28 days for a reply most of the time.  Sometimes they won’t even bother to reply and if they do it’ll be 3 months down the line!  Don’t let Sky mess you about, just tell them you’ll go to Telewest.  They don’t want to lose you as a customer so it will have a profound effect.

A satellite dish mounted on a wallYou will never get a Team Supervisor/Team Leader even though “we” as agents say that we’ll go and ask them.  We just sit there and do nothing because they won’t take over the call as they are not really allowed to by orders of BSkyB!

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If you do get an engineer out for free, he’ll just come out and change your box as that’s the easiest thing to do.  Make sure you get confirmation from the cancellations team that they’ll check the following (Satellite Dish, LNB, Sky Box and cabling).

Normally all they will do is change the box which automatically means that your Sky will work for 10-15 minutes then they’ll get you to sign the piece of paper then clear off. This of course means phone us back later to say that the engineer has not done his job!  You know why?  Sky doesn’t have a clue how to fix YOUR problem.  They can only move the sat dish or replace stuff if that doesn’t work then they’ll just keep on trying.

Sky can be unprofessional at times and as contractors we are not allowed to tell customers how much the call-out actually costs.  We’re not allowed to mention any deals etc. to the customers.  If I wanted to tell you say… how much a Sky HD box is I would have to transfer you through to Sky Sales, which is probably at least a 15 minute wait on the phone when I could have just told you.

I will try to pop back from time to time and update this site with information on how to do an LNB reset etc. That way you won’t need to phone Sky!

By: Anonymous from Fife (Can’t say more, otherwise will get sacked!)

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  1. Alan Hird 24/02/2014 / 10:41 pm

    My Sky dish failed on Christmas Eve 2013. I was given a "set up" date two days later for 17 January 2014! I complained to Sky Protect who raised my case with Sky and I had the complaint upheld. However they could not budge sky on the "set up" date.

    I wrote Sky Customer Services on 27 December and again on 2 January to complain about the long delay. I received a reply on 7 January asking me to call the 08442 number, which I did not do as I had spent nearly an hour on this line on 24 December trying to get Sky customer support (they charge you for this service!!).

    I wrote a letter to Stephen van Rooyen, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing on 13 January but he did not respond. Worse was to come !! On 16 January I had a phone call from Sky to say they would not be coming on the 17th but the new "set up" date was 15 Feb! I wrote again to Stephen van Rooyen on 17 Jan but no response. Sky have a cavalier approach to their customers and appear not want to engage with them. I have again written to Sky Protect to complain about this latest Sky move.

    Sky Broadband? NO WAY the re TV is bad enough!

  2. Dolly 04/01/2014 / 12:39 am

    My sky went off on xmas eve and still no satellite signal being recieved, phoned sky on xmas day and had to wait till yesterday for a sky engineer to come out, i paid £65 for the call out and when he turned up he said he couldnt adjust my dish due to health and safety restrictions, i pay alot of money a month for sky tv and broadband!! And they couldnt care less!! I will be cancelling sky and finding a more reliable service, i would not recommend them to anyone!!

  3. Tony 12/11/2013 / 7:18 pm

    My sky signal goes off at 6pm every night but only on bbc, itv, cha4/5 etc.
    This lasts till about 9pm stuttering on and off (all prime time programs)
    However, all sky chans are perfect all the time. It seems very odd this only
    Happens in the evening. Am I being paranoid

  4. Gerald 26/10/2013 / 1:21 pm

    That august organisation BSKYB has to be congratulated for the best excuse yet.

    Our sky box started developing a fault earlier this week with some channels not being received. This became worse, so I rang their "help line" and spoke to a very helpful operator who guided me through the whole process of tracing the fault. This involved all the usual swopping of cables, re-booting, turning on and off, etc. Finally we traced it to a not "locked-on" problem with either the box or the receiver.

    He suggested an engineers visit. When he consulted his computer, it told him that there was none assigned to our area. "Must be a computer problem" he said. "I will call you back when I have news for you."
    "OK, thanks" I said.

    This evening we lost all channels. My wife lost her cool. The children were fighting.
    I was in the dog house. I rang sky again.

    Another operator consulted her computer and then her adviser.

    "We cant send a sky engineer because your receiver and dish are too high up"

    I was speechless. I eventually collected myself to suggest that as their engineer had put it up there, perhaps he could come and fix it.

    There followed a lengthy discussion but the organisation is not for moving. Health and safety will have us all gibbering wrecks.

    So, beware, buy the damn box, pay the rip off subscription, but if it goes on the blink, TOUGH LUCK!!

  5. Nick 23/10/2013 / 10:46 am

    What a bunch of cowboys did you hire to roughcast your house?

  6. Leslogistic 22/10/2013 / 1:17 am

    No satelite signal only bought my dish a few years ago Not with sky but dish seemed easiest option to go with excisting box of I could have got a digital area in the loft I would have but was more expensive and may not have got a good reception Sky Dishes just don't stand the snow wind rain Wish we had cable I'd go with virgin straight away !!! Even wondering if sky have messed around and turned it off to try to get me as a customer or to buy a freebies card to go in old box as I believe you now have to pay £25 !! I hate sky I will get hdv tv and digital arieal in loft next time if I possibly can

  7. leeanne 19/10/2013 / 12:02 am

    getting my house roughcasted and the builders moved my dish which caused my no signal message> called sky only to be told that the engineers will not be able to fix the problem as they cant go up ladders on to scaffolding. needless to say it cost a fortune to call not at all helpfull.

  8. Mark 25/05/2013 / 9:40 am

    Just had a 20 minute conversation to Sky. Not interested in the slightest about my viewing issues or actually lack of viewing!!! Then realised something….their call centres are now in India! And there was me thinking that Sky was proud to be British ans supported the British economy!! How wrong i was. Very simple solution so after almost 3 years I cancelled on the spot. Anyway BT have a much better package coming out this Summer.

  9. wendy 28/04/2013 / 2:32 pm

    Yes, £65 to come for a rooftop. After taking your advice and threatening to leave- free of charge and a better deal. Many thanks!!

  10. 132463 24/04/2013 / 7:36 pm

    I believe that sky block the signal on my tv at certain times. The box has worked fine for years, yet it stopped working a few days before Christmas; the time when everyone wants their tvs. We called and refused to pay for a callout then a few days later the channels came back, and have worked fine ever since.

    But now the same signal problem has occurred again, and coincidently sky rang the same day. Maybe some engineers in the area were having a slow week…

    The box works fine in wind, snow, rain, but on a clear day I cannot get a normal signal.

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