No road tax on foreign cars in the UK

Living in the West Midlands I am sick to the teeth of the sheer amount of foreign vehicles used on UK roads with no road tax.  In the street where I live there is a foreign vehicle with no road tax.

I contacted the DVLA who advised me that they can drive in the UK for 6 months, after this period they must register the car in the UK, pay for road tax, insurance and get an MOT.  I advised the DVLA that the vehicle in question had been in the UK for 3 year.

Their response was “the law states that they must register the car in the UK”, so I asked them what could be done and their reply was, “If they don’t register the vehicle then there is nothing the DVLA can do”.

WHAT????  I’d advised the owner that it was the law that they should register.  DVLA’s response was “well if it’s not registered it’s nothing to do with us, contact the police”.  I even tried to give the DVLA the registration number and address of the owner of the vehicle, but they would not take it from me and basically didn’t want to know (you cant escape the computer eh?).

Road tax on foreign carsPolice – They said “there’s nothing we can do”

I then contacted the police who didn’t want to know either.  They said “there’s nothing we can do, contact DVLA”.  This foreign vehicle had a fixed penalty notice for blocking the street, needless to say that with the vehicle not being registered the fine would not have been paid.  Even after advising the police of this they said “it is nothing to do with us”.

My next vehicle purchase is going to be from abroad, that way I do not have to purchase road tax, insurance or get an MOT.  Let’s all hope that none of these unregistered vehicles mows anyone down.  The police would have no idea who owns the vehicle or even what kind of vehicle it was.  They would literally, “get away with murder”.

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  1. Oi 07/11/2014 / 9:27 am

    He might be, but he's right about getting rid of the Daily Mail and the Sun. Two things the world would be better off without.

  2. Foreign UK car!! 06/11/2014 / 9:56 pm

    You are just a frustrated man…get a life!!!

  3. collar 17/09/2014 / 9:36 am

    Poo again to the Welshies – this is a thread for non-welsh normals.
    remember it is in DVLA/government interest to enslave people to drive the maximum amount of tax pennies for the minimal amount of road-mendage ('cyclists' get off scot-free, but that's another gripe). and thus set prices accordingly. To promote people to ring hot-lines to grass their neighbors in such a way that we all feel fear and predujice of each other. To isolate ourselves. To loose faith in ourselves. To not really speak the truth.
    Work it out for yourself, get rid of the Daily mail and Sun, cast away the tv and start talking to each other.
    Collar can't reply to comments as he only has one post per day.

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