No response when contacting Greene King

I recently tried to contact Greene King through their website using their ‘Contact Us’ form.  It was with regard to our local Greene King pub, The New Inn in Buckingham, closing a few weeks ago without any warning.

I told them that I had been a regular visitor for over 20 years and that the pub had never shut for any length of time.  In fact it had only shut on a couple of occasions when the cellar flooded due to our local river rising in heavy rain.  The pub is located on the corner of Bridge Street and Ford Street, and the river is only about 100 yards behind the pub.  I just wanted to know why it had closed so abruptly this time and how long it will be before we got our local back.

I didn’t get a reply back, not even an automated receipt reply.  I then phoned the Greene King Brewery and spoke to a lady who couldn’t tell me why no one had replied to my message via the website.  She also couldn’t tell me why the pub had been ‘temporarily closed’, but he did give me an area manager’s phone number, however, and she suggested that he might be able to shed some light on the reason for the closure and perhaps know when the pub might re-open again.

I tried his number and the phone just kept ringing and ringing.  No answer at all and no return call.  I have tried again to contact Greene King through their website and this time I’ve told them what I think of their Public Relations when phone calls and emails go unanswered.  My attempts to find out what’s happening with our beloved local have all come to nothing so far because the brewery that owns it doesn’t care enough to answer a simple query from one of their customers.

A pint of beer in a pub
pubs all over the country closing weekly…

In this day and age with pubs all over the country closing weekly, you would think they would bend over backwards to inform patrons of their establishments what’s happening in the hope that, when the pub re-opens again, that regulars will all come back.  It takes years to get a good stock of regulars, but only a relatively short period of time to loose these regulars to other pubs.

Greene King appear to have a very uncaring attitude to the patrons of their pubs and if they don’t change this, we’ll vote with our feet and take our business elsewhere.

By: Steve R

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  1. jorge gomes 29/12/2013 / 7:21 pm

    i want to post about i was work there for 3 weeks /tat the sloop in in kengswell/torquay and i left to work at the grand hotel in torquay by the sea front and few weeks later my friends couple come from bristol to visit us and my friend said he wants to go eat at the sloop so i said to him i left the place a few weeks ago but should not be a problem. so me ,my wife and my 2 years daughter and my friends went there for a meal. after we waiting 10 minutes for a table finally we found one and we sit down start looking on menus wen the manager cALL CARL come to us shouting and talk to us like we was a piece of s**t saying we cant be served as i left the job…and i said but is no reason for us not be served…and my daughter start cry cuz she was starved…i cant believe this and apparently he done the same to others was working there…i things is wrong and i just like to pass this to others the same thing…i want to write this so the otheres can read and warning theme about the job there and also they use to make us work 14 hours shift with 5 minutes break that's why i left the job cuz i am not a slave…assholes…

  2. Tracey Wallace 01/12/2013 / 10:30 pm

    Hiya could i just ask is it the normal thing from Green king landlords to be able to ban regular customers for more than 20 years for returning there FOOD ????? The Victoria Tavern Barrow-in-Furness because the landlord had his head up his bum, because he had to work which normallywas left to his wife which bless had, had a nasty fall and unable to work

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