Irresponsible dog owners and dog poo

What really gets my goat up are irresponsible people who own dogs.  Other pet owners I can tolerate, but urban dog owners are the pits and in my opinion should be placed on wanted posters offering ‘Dead or Alive’ rewards.

Why, you may ask, this entire gripe about lovers of a man’s best friend?  The reason is, dog-faeces or dog sh*t as it more popularly known!  Let us look at the modus opperandi of urban dog owners closely.  Urban dog owners houses and apartments literally stink of dog sweat, various mucous membrane dog fluids and dog’s bad breath.  Urban dog owners clothes also emanate a putrid doggy odour and are covered with dog hair, alive with fleas and impregnated with flakes of mangy dog skin.  But that doesn’t stop them hanging their coats amongst others in the coat rack or cloakroom.

They allow their dogs to lick you their dogs to lick you on meeting them in the street…

Urban dog owners allow their dogs to lick you on meeting them in the street, or when visiting them at home after they (the dogs that is) have been licking their sexual organs and/or anus and/or sniffing other dogs rectal region, as well as sniffing other dog’s excrements lying in the street.

Urban dog owners offer you a lift home in their car (which you are to polite to refuse) and which nearly makes you throw-up because of the acrid doggy stench that has permeated into the upholstery you sit on.  If you are really unlucky the dog will be sitting in the back seat panting its reeking breath over your shoulder.

Dogs doo urban chaos
Urban dog owners take their dogs for a walk several times a day in the neighbourhood, which usually means taking them just around the corner and letting them p*ss and sh*t right on the pavement in front of someone else’s house, or at the base of the tree decorating the street, or in the local park where the neighbours take their kids at weekends, or expect to be able to send them out to play safely and healthily.  They take their pets with them on day outings, as if they were civilized people, to local fairs and events where they also defile amongst the stalls, on the parking lot or just in the street as if it were normal to do so.

Urban dog owners are mostly ignorant and oblivious of the fact they really do stink of dog, and that it is unsavoury for others to see a big steaming dog turd while taking a pleasant walk in the neighbourhood or visiting some local event/fair.

Dog poo binUrban dog owners are also unaware that the amount of dried dog faeces (i.e. shit dust) suspended in the air of our towns and villages is one of the main causes of respitory problems, skin disorders and allergies amongst the inhabitants, especially children and the aged. 
They are so accustomed to dog smells and other canine odours, that they do not notice the stench in the streets and parks that their dogs have visited, especially after the grass has been mowed by the town park keepers or on a hot summers day.  Town councils are ware of the complaints but say they are ‘powerless’ to do anything about it.  It is suggested that we should take photographs of those urban dog owners ‘in action’ when they are caught with their pets violating our civilization and desecrating our towns and villages.

The photos could be displayed on notice boards installed around the neighbourhood as a ‘hall of shame’ for all to take notice of.  Repeat offenders could have their dog licence revoked, their pets impounded and/or hefty fines imposed.

Alternatively, the inhabitants could undertake a court injunction to sue the offending urban dog owners for damages to health, property and the environment.  It is just a suggestion as maybe my gripe only affects and annoys me.

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  1. Fed up Pedestrian 16/06/2013 / 6:36 pm

    A novel approach to this problem was tried in New Taipei City in Taiwan a few years ago. Residents were offered a lottery ticket for each bag of poop handed in; 14,500 bags were collected, halving the amount of poop around the city.

    I have no idea if they continued with the experiment or if it was a one off.

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