Horse manure on the road is dangerous

As a biker I do not understand why horses are allowed on the road.  Horse riders are for ever complaining about vehicles not giving them room, yet they allow their animals to foul the road. 

All you can do is hope and pray…

Don’t they realise that when other vehicles, which pay road tax to drive on the public highway, hit this crap it creates a major danger.  I ride to work 20 miles a day through country villages (the most direct route for me). One of these villages is the home of one of the country’s major polo clubs, along the main road through the village there are many blind bends.  You are riding along at a safe speed when you lean into a bend and there it is in the middle of the road, worse than ice, where do you go?  All you can do is hope and pray.

Why is it in this day and age where people are fined £500 for letting their dogs foul the verges, is it that horses are allowed on the road?  Why don’t they ride around with a shovel on the back of their saddle so that they can remove their own crap.

horse crap in the roadOn top of this, especially near these polo grounds or hunting sites you have the typical upper class country folk who ride along and look at you as if you were the person who should not be on the road.  Not so long back one of these stuck up b*****s decided that a friends car, which had slowed down to overtake her horse passed to close and smacked it with her whip causing extensive damage.  Funny she hadn’t any insurance and was not taking the blame and the Police don’t accept it as criminal damage.

In conclusion, why is it that a horse which is not completely under the control of its rider, has a brain of its own, which does not have to pay any insurance or tax to go on the public highway, is allowed to leave its excrement on the road?

By: Duggy

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  1. collar 30/10/2014 / 4:40 pm

    I think it is very cruel to take these creatures onto the road – anyone can see the poor brutes are terrified, that is why they are only a whisker away from kicking out or bolting. It is once again, these 'posh' people wishing to show off the fact they can afford a horse, and let all the lower-classes on the roads step into our horse doo-doo.
    Because of this attitude, I always rev my engine, shout and turn up the wireless set in the car as loud as it will go when I roar past them. Bloody things.

  2. blondie 30/10/2014 / 3:45 pm

    Actually any responsible horse rider does have insurance on their horse. Do bikers on cycles?

  3. Stalag14 04/08/2014 / 7:23 pm

    Talking about Horse S**t is as bad as the Welsh Language thread.

    Hmm……..on second thoughts, let's talk about Horse S**t it's more interesting.

  4. marmalade 04/08/2014 / 6:20 pm

    People buy motorcycles to ride fast – that is what they are for. Tight, bending country lanes are meat and drink to riders – they like the challenge I suppose.
    In my opinion a man should not buy a motorbike if he is married and has children. It is not fair on the dependents to pursue such a dangerous pastime.

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