Hairdressers who don’t listen to what you want

My gripe is with hairdressers who don’t listen.  I have just paid ?37 to have a cut and blow dry where I asked the lady to cut my hair short but she refused to do it saying it would not suit me.  I now still have hair annoying the side of my face and short of cutting it myself what options are there?

I hate having my hair cut at hairdressers for this very reason.  I can never get them to cut my hair how I want it, they always do it how THEY want it!

I am 55 and now have a haircut that would probably suit a person who is more like twenty-something.  I have tried various hairdressing salons and have not found one yet that will actually listen to me and cut my hair how I want it to be cut.

My hair is very fine, quite lifeless and tends to look quite messy rather easily, which is precisely why I wanted it cut short.

Hairdressers who don't listenI’ve tried explaining, but they always know best…

I tried explaining on numerous occasions to hairdressers that I wanted it layered and much shorter, but they always know best, don’t they?  I live in North Wales, I’m disabled and most of the time I don’t have any transport, otherwise I would head up to Chester and visit a top salon.  Instead I’m reduced to tucking my supposedly ‘short hair’ behind my ears which does not look smart and leaves me with side burns.  Yes I am female and don’t like sideburns!

By: Jeannette

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  1. hii 22/10/2014 / 1:17 pm

    you are paying for the serivce you should get your hair how you want it :O

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