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I joined Fitness First and was told that my gym membership would be for a minimum of 3 months.  At the time I was advised that to cancel, I had to give at least one month’s notice.

Well I tried to go to the gym regularly, but in the end had to give up.  I just do not have the required levels of motivation and I have in fact lost more weight since just by running round the block!

Anyway, I posted a letter dated January 6th and I also sent them a copy of the letter on the same day as an email attachment.  I’ve just received a letter from Fitness First today (February 16th) querying the cancellation of my direct debit mandate because my membership is ‘still active’.

Fitness First cancellation policy could have been clearerI telephoned Fitness First and was told that – contrary to what I was told verbally when signing up, the actual notice period required was a

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  1. Paul1985 05/09/2012 / 3:22 pm

    Guys, I am a ff member. I am a migrant from mainland China. To be fair to say, until the time I called ff to cancell membership, the staff there were quite friendly, and the pools are good.
    But ff's 4 weeks cancellation policy, which I was not loudly told when joined it, I believe from my legal knowledge, most probably, it should be seen as illegal against consumer law. Especially when a member is even not on a long term contract. I personally was paying the higher rate by direct debit every two weeks as I was told I could cancell anytime.
    I remember, a few years ago, a similar case in China ended up with the defeat of a gym, as the judge ruled, generally gym should not charge consumers for days not used, and a tiny print on contract when emphasizing the 4 weeks notice period is misleading and hence invalid. This was in in China. I was satisfied with almost all things in Australia in regards to law. But this 4 week notice policy does make me believe ff is not doing things properly as i thought it would this time.
    My email
    This is the first post I did online in life. Funny!

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