Examples of issues that pregnant women face

Although it’s nice to get compliments when you’re pregnant, it’s degrading and embarrassing when building workmen on a busy high street start shouting things like “Oi Sexy, give us a smile!” or “Come on beautiful, make my day!” – I wouldn’t mind if they were good looking but they were all over 50 and fat with no hair!  When your’e pregnant, your whole world changes and suddenly things don’t seem as easy as they used to be. Here are a few ideas of things that could be done to help make life easier for us.

Our fashion designers lack imagination when it comes to pregnancy fashion.  The clothes I have found have been really old fashioned and frumpy.  I feel with the right clothes and shoes you can look and feel very attractive instead of fat!

When you’re pregnant it is not advisable to lift heavy stuff.  In one incident a Security Guard asked if I needed help. I accepted and he then just stuck the item in my basket.  Not very helpful really!  So my advice to people who work in shops, if you offer us assistance please try to make an effort, otherwise don’t bother.

I feel that pregnant women should have special privileges when it comes to queues. Standing on your feet all day isn’t fun at the best of times, but its much more uncomfortable when you are pregnant trust me on that one! Here’s how I think things should be when you are pregnant:

Issues when you are pregnant, women and pregnancy

  • No queuing for anything
  • Car parking spaces near the shops like the disabled, so we don’t need to walk far with our shopping
  • Comfortable seating in restaurants & theatres
  • Have alcohol free beer in pubs; this should be more widely available anyway.
  • Special menus in restaurants for us, which are more healthy and interesting (with all the stuff we can not have taken out!).  Vegetarians are catered for, so why not cater for pregnant women?

CAR SIGNS – You’ve seen the ‘Baby on Board’ signs, well I think for pregnant women there should be a sign saying ‘Pregnant Woman on Board’ so that other drivers are more patient and careful.  And by the way – no jokes about just having a ‘wide load’ sign instead!

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  1. 4Kids 10/04/2014 / 1:13 pm

    This gripe is clear evidence that a woman having a kid expects special privileges.

    It’s not enough that every tax payer has to pay you for your 10 seconds of pleasure, but you also want us to treat you with extra reverence whilst carrying the kid.

    You’re pregnant, your choice, deal with it and don’t expect others to carry you through life.

    After all, your not the first woman to fall pregnant and won’t be the last.

  2. Discord 19/09/2012 / 12:10 pm

    Sorry, but you chose to get pregnant, so you should be able to deal with the consequences of doing so. Grow up. My mum raised four kids and when my youngest brother was on the way took three kids on the bus every week to do the shopping. If she can do that, then surely you can queue and walk a short distance. Stop moaning, put on your big girl pants and understand that being pregnant does not equal disabled. A mate of mine who has a wheelchair would kill to be able to stand in a queue.

  3. Holloway 08/04/2012 / 3:21 pm

    I think that's a bit extreme. If you've been in a queue for hours then, yes, it seems fair for them to serve you or whatever. But they don't have to make special menus-just order what you can eat. And being pregnant isn't a disability, and why should you get special seating? You chose to have a baby, it's not a disability.

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