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  1. Jim 06/11/2014 / 8:46 am

    What a despicable company Debenhams Plus is… I purchased a washing machine over the phone for my daughter's engagement present. Payment was taken out of my account immediately… after failing three delivery dates & umpteen phone calls later I was sent an email stating that the advertised item was a discontinued line!!! Strange., as it's still being advertised on the Debenhams site, not only that, but the same model is for sale in other stores but at a higher price? Apparently I can have a refund… but every department I'm switched to is the wrong one!!!
    Don't shop with this cowboy outfit… EVER!!!!

  2. Darren 01/08/2014 / 9:57 pm

    What a dire excuse for service. So let me tell how this company operates. After being a Debenhams customer for over 15 years and spending nearly £12,000 on our wedding alone we decided to order some appliances. This is for a new house we get the keys for soon. We saw a great deal on a Hotpoint washing machine. We ring up but our Gold card won't be accepted over the phone. Ok after one hour of ring what seemed like everyone we were told to go into store and buy a gift card and purchase it that way. Ok off we go into london to buy said gift card. Order the item to be told we are customer ten of ten machines we will see our item on Friday. Great – sadly the matching dishwasher is not available so we order that from Argos is seconds. Alarm bells should have gone off. Two days later a phone call – sorry that machine is discontinued you will need to order something else? Then an hour later no its not its delayed. So after another hour we select the higher spec model as by now Argos have delivered our dishwasher. Congrats Argos!!. So its £20 dearer – we are told pay or cancel "your choice" after another 20mins they say no we go halves – we pay another £10 and told this one is the one its in stock will be there on the 14th(2 wks). Two days later guess what?! No it's also delayed (the recommended one that was in stock "ready to go". So now we find out that Hotpoint is a (and I quote) disaster and just the mention if there name at Debenhams Plus brings chaos to there colleagues. Note: stop advertising them at cheap prices then!?. So I ask the colleague what can be done, I have a matching Dishwasher in my garage delivered as promised and no washing machine. They assure me a call back within hours, nothing. They promise a customer service manager will call me, nothing. I have tried calling them, nothing. I even said well refund my card so I can take my business elsewhere as a gift card is now useless given you can't supply the products you promise or even recommend. You guessed it – nothing. So as I sit here I have no machine, no contact, no refund, no hope of getting my order. This company used to be market leading in service and quality. Debenhams disassociate themselves with Debenhams Plus and refuse to even offer advice of who to contact. Totally shocking. Avoid at all costs regardless of price or promises – there are companies out there regarded as entry level retailers who are a country mile ahead of this business. Debenhams join a long list of dinosaurs in the retail sector like BHS, C&A etc. absolutely shocking – avoid, avoid and avoid.

  3. Mrs R 22/07/2014 / 1:18 pm

    I ordered 2 bikini tops online 4 days before going away. I PAID THE £4.99 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY – did not arrive even though their 'order status' said it had been dispatched. Rang customer services who said I would definitely get it the following day – NO SHOW! I had to travel up to their London branch and had to make do with another size. Have come back from my holiday and still no delivery 12 DAYS LATER!! Rang customer services AGAIN who do not know what has happened with the order. I have demanded a full refund including the NEXT DAY DELIVERY CHARGE AND MY TUBE FARE. WILL NEVER USE DEBENHAMS ONLINE AGAIN!!

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