Comic Relief and televised charity events a rip off?

First of all, let me say that Im not a bah humbug kind of guy and would like to think that I am just as charitable (if not more so) than the next guy.  I always buy into all the Comic Relief and Children in need stuff as its just been the normal thing to do ever since I was a child.  I would guess that the same is true for a lot of people out there.

But when I look around and even do some research on the Internet, I still see lots of the kind of things we have been paying to put a stop to for about the last 20 years now.  And not only that, I have never seen one thing to suggest that the money is really being spent in the way we are told.

So where are all these kids that we have allegedly helped?  In Africa?  Although it is conveniently very far away I don’t think for one minute that tiny bore hole in the ground costs 10 million a year to maintain!  I see all this money being collected but have no idea where it is actually being spent, because it certainly isnt anywhere near me.  If I could just see a bit more evidence of the good being done then perhaps I would not be so suspicious.

A clown face, red nose day, Comic ReliefComic Relief… So where is the other 30p going to?

Now theres another thing that makes me feel a bit uneasy about this situation.  The television and radio companies (BBC radio is the worst) charge you £1 if you send a text to them, with 70p of this money going to Comic Relief.  Err excuse me, so where is the other 30p going to?

I’m pretty good at arithmetic (taps away on the calculator) and I reckon that 30% of all the money from these texts must add up quite a pretty penny.  Why should we be asked to give generously when there are companies out there using these events to make a hefty profit? Surely they can do it at a reduced rate for Comic Relief?  Why can’t a larger portion or even better all of the money go to the people who REALLY need it?  Oh no, of course not because its not the big companies that stick their hands in their pockets; thats a job for us – the “paying” public.

I really do think that by simply doing the easy thing and giving to Comic Relief just to ease your conscience is actually taking money away from the real charities that could use our help.  Does anyone else agree?

By: Jimmy Wyld

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  1. jo 07/05/2014 / 9:40 pm

    I totally agree whit you man and not to mention the celebrities that get paid for doing the show why cant the work one night a year for free and even better donate some of there money to charities like normal people do but no they feel there pockets whit money that suppose to go to charities

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