Can’t pay the rent, housing association no help

I have worked since age 16, paid taxes and National Insurance like everyone else does and worked really hard to support myself and my daughter.  Recently I became ill and have been certified sick from work.  I realised pretty quickly that this was going to be quite long term and that money would be an issue.  I approached my local council and housing association telling them my situation and that I would not be able to afford the rent on my privately rented home.  I asked if I could be considered for a housing association home as the rent would be cheaper and I would be able to manage for the time being on the sick pay I will receive.

The housing association told me that as I was adequately housed I would be on the bottom of the list, and that I should apply for housing benefit, which I was of course refused on the grounds that I had savings.  Well fair enough I suppose.  The problem I have is that I have now used up all my savings and can’t afford next months rent.  I went back to the housing association for some help and advice, and was again told to apply for housing benefit.  This I have done, but apparently it will take from 8 to 12 weeks for a decision to be made and even then they will only pay around a third of my rent!

To Let signs -  Paul MisonThe housing association has said that I am still at the bottom of the list as I am currently adequately housed, and that to be considered sooner I need to be homeless.  However, if I give my notice to quit to the landlord I will be considered as having made myself homeless, and will not qualify to be on the housing list for a certain period of time.

So the conclusion I have come to is that I have to carry on living where I am and stump up what I can here and there to try and pay the rent until the housing benefits are sorted out.  I’ll then continue to pay what I can to top up the housing benefit payment until my landlord evicts me for not paying the full rent, leaving with a debt and no hope of a good reference for the future.

Surely it can’t be right to actively encourage people to get into debt, when there are so many people already in debt?  All I need is a little help now to get myself over my illness and back on my feet before I can pay my way again.  When I see some other single parents who have never worked and have council houses all paid for, I can understand why.  I’ve struggled to stay out of debt and to provide for my little family and now I’m being punished because I’ve been paying my rent and have tried to do the right thing.  I’m currently looking for a cheaper private rent but now I’ve spent my savings don’t have a bond.

It’s just not fair, through no fault of my own I’m going to get evicted, owe money and have a bad credit rating which means I’m going to need far more help in the future when all I need is some help for a few months until I can return to work and support us again.

Incidentally this is the same housing association that refused a friend of mine help when she wanted to move to an area with childcare and better public transport links so that she could return to work after being made redundant.  They told her that wanting to return to work wasn’t a good enough reason!  Isn’t the system just crazy?

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  1. Bulldog 23/05/2014 / 11:21 pm

    "But the truth is that benefit claimants are being deliberately set up to fail in order to achieve sanction quotas without regard for natural justice or their welfare. Staff are being asked to behave in a manner that is against the department's values of integrity and honesty."

    The complainant also alleged that senior managers electronically altered a claimant's file to make it appear they had been told to attend the job centre the following day when no such notification had been given. Failure to attend a job centre interview is grounds for sanction.


    People with serious health issues are being left broke and lost – we need to get rid of that prat Ian Duncan Smith NOW

  2. Friday Lunchtime 26/11/2013 / 12:53 am

    " These payday companies and pawnbrokers must think people are all idiots "

    Clearly there are enough people moronic or desperate enough to use these licensed thieves, keeping them in business.

  3. Nick 25/11/2013 / 5:18 pm

    All ads in Britain are incredibly patronising and most suitable for someone with an IQ of less than 10 or someone who has failed GCSE. Wonga is just a typical example. These payday companies and pawnbrokers must think people are all idiots. For example in their ads they put five £20 notes and a gold necklace in one picture saying "Get Cash for your Unwanted Jewllery! Yeah! Hurray!" ….as if it were a good deal to sell your necklace for less than a quarter of what it's worth and paying 3,456% APR interest is a good deal. Utter bullsh1t.

  4. Anon 25/11/2013 / 2:18 pm

    Comment from a viewer this morning on Sky news concerning Wonga pay day loans.
    " Perhaps Wonga, and all the rest should be forced to give all those applying for loans an IQ test first".
    I think the comment most probably sent a shock wave around the Wonga and pay day loan organizations. Trying to find anybody with intelligence to loan money to at their interest rates and terms would mean they would soon be out of business.

  5. boblet 20/10/2013 / 1:47 pm

    In these days of economic uncertainty, I sometimes opine as to the care-free life of the 'Gentleman of the road. Toting his/her worldly chattels in a b.b.b. He/she tramps the dusty lanes that meander through the beautiful countryside from Europe to Britain mostly enjoying his/her gang of fellow gypsies company and a scruffy little dog. Perhaps whistling to himself as he/she hails the customs authorities or the police with a friendly finger. As the day draws to a close, he/she searches for a suitable shop doorway, squat or mansion. Settled at last, footsore and weary, he/she shoots up and slakes his/her parched throat with a glass of strong cider, Meths, Lambrini or Super strength Tenants. Finally he/she farts then settles down with a burp & a contented sigh to a night of slumber 'neath the twinkling firmament to only be woken up with a colleague pissing on them. It would be wrong to envy this worthless bum, for we know not the misfortunes he/she may have suffered back home & may even now live in a big fancy house, equally though it is undeniable that his sleep will be untroubled by rent or mortgage concerns for we will pay them with our tax's. His/hers is a humble totally selfish existence. Requiring only meths whiskey oh anything for spiritual solace, whilst totally pissed and surrounded by God's or anybody else’s goods or creations.

  6. jobby 20/10/2013 / 7:14 am

    In these days of economic uncertainty, I sometimes opine as to the care-free life of the 'Gentleman of the road'.
    Toting His worldly chattels in a gaily coloured linen sack, tied to a stick and slung over his shoulder, he tramps the dusty lanes that meander through the beautiful countryside. Mostly enjoying his own company and perhaps whistling to himself, he hails his fellow sojourners with a cheery wave.
    As the day draws to close, he searches in the twilight for a suitable place to make camp. Settled at last, footsore and weary, he kindles a cozy fire and slakes his parched throat with a glass of strong, ice-cold cider. Finally, after a supper of wholesome fare he settles with a contented sigh to a night of slumber 'neath the twinkling firmament.
    It would be wrong to envy this character, for we know not the misfortunes he may have suffered – equally though, it is undeniable that his sleep will be untroubled by rent or mortgage concerns, for his is a humble, spiritual existence, at peace with himself and surrounded by God's own creations.

  7. Rich 14/05/2013 / 1:41 pm

    There is one solution though –
    "Mr Wonga lend me some dough"
    "Mr Wonga you are number one!"

  8. Fairytisya 01/03/2011 / 3:29 am

    I have been renting houses and units for the past tewenty years and have probably had 15 different landlords. Of those landlords I only found two that were unreasonable. They wanted to charge me for general wear and tear on there houses.

    The other 13 were very good. Whenever I had problems they all had them fixed within a week.

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