Can I just cancel my mobile phone contract?

Cancelling a service when you no longer need it should be painless and straightforward.  So why on earth is it so difficult to cancel a mobile phone contract and why do they make us jump through all these hoops to do it?

I have paid for a mobile contract for nearly 18 months and was required to give a minimum of 30 days notice which I duly did when I called them today.  However I have been told that I need to ring back on a certain date otherwise I can’t cancel my contract!

The difference between this date they gave me and today is three weeks.  By the way, I haven’t actually used the phone at any point during the last year due to the fact that it was lost somewhere at home.  I was happy enough to pay the contract off after I was not given any help regarding replacing the handset I misplaced (I realised I would have to buy a new one).

Cancel mobile phone contractI have to ring back in three weeks time…

It makes me quite angry actually the way these mobile phone companies only seem to be interested in new customers, they couldn’t care less about keeping their existing customers happy.  They have already tried to sell me a new mobile phone contract twice and I have given them a resounding NO each time.  They told me I could solve the lost phone problem with a new phone and contract.  But if I want to leave them I have to ring back in three weeks time and put myself through the hard sell again.  It’s either that or I keep on paying them each month.

I have memory issues and have already told them reason I can’t find the phone (it’s in a safe place – so safe Ive lost it!).  I’m basically worried that I’ll be hijacked into paying more if I phone on the wrong day.  I just wanted to ring up and cancel my mobile phone contract – it can’t be that difficult can it?

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  1. annj 19/09/2013 / 10:44 am

    I too am being hounded by 3. I am a 77 year old pensioner, never used the tablet, as it got damaged beyond repair, I duly gave notice and stopped my d.d. they are threatening me for just £15.70. All the calls etc must be costing them a small fortune as I am called up to 4 or 5 times a day I do not reply I have written,
    No company should be allowed to frighten ex clients, The word about how they go about their business needs to be put out there for the mobile paying public to see what could and proberbly will happen when they wish to end their contracts.
    Can I do anything, I do not owe this awful company anything,

  2. miserablemoaninggit 31/08/2013 / 2:29 pm

    Suziemoo, write to them to complain putting in all the details as you have here. Cancel the direct debit with the bank. Do not bother to engage in any further telephone conversation with them – put everything in writing.

    You'll probably start to get letters from so-called debt collection agencies. Reply to each one, simply stating the details – you probably can prepare a standard letter for this so that you only need to alter it slightly each time you send it.

    Keep a careful record of all correspondence – both sent and received.

    It is highly unlikely to go to the legal level but, if it does, make sure you go along and attend. In cases like this, it usually is simply a judge sitting in his office on his own, and you can go along and explain everything.

    Don't let the bast**ds win!

  3. Suziemoo 31/08/2013 / 12:57 pm

    I had a 3 phone on 18 month contract. A week before the end of the contract the phone died, just would not switch on. I rang and was told that I could get a free upgrade, so I did. The asian guy on the phone said that I could take a pay as you go sim card too for my old phone. I explained that I didn't know if I could get the old phone to work and he said that all I had to do was return the sim card within 14 days if I didn't need it. The new phone arrived and the sim card for it but the other pay as you go sim card did not arrive so I wasn't worried about it as the old phone was totally useless and I threw it away. I then noticed a month later that there was an extra amount of £6.40 going out of my bank account to 3 as well as my £32.00 a month contract. I rang 3 to find out what it was for and was told that it was for the 2nd contract. I said that I did not receive a sim for another contract and that the phone was useless anyway and so I could not use it. They are arguing that I agreed to the new contract on the phone and that they couldn't cancel it as I hadn't returned the sim card. I explained that the sim card had not arrived so how could I send it back to cancel? They say that I owe the 10 months contract amount @ £6.40 a month less 10% if I cancel? I then explained that the new phone I received now does not get any signal at my home or work place and very little anywhere else and so I want to cancel this one too. I was told that if I cancel the contract I owe the rest of the 23 months @ £32.00 a month less 3%!!! This is scandalous! The phone is not fit for purpose as I do not receive a signal most of the time! is there anything I can do?

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