Barking dog problem makes life hell

I have a problem with a barking dog next door and it’s making life hell.  Why is it that some people just don’t care about others and in particular they don’t give a second thought to how their pets may affect their neighbours?  Some of us just want a bit of peace and quiet and I don’t think that it’s too much to ask for.

I live in a fairly small town, on the edges of it really. In the winter, it is pretty much bliss for me.  Quiet, peaceful, and very little noise.  It is exactly what I want and the reason I moved here in the first place.

Barking dog problem, how do you deal with it?

Three of the neighbours immediately surrounding us have large dogs. One family has two of them.  The guy with the two dogs has well trained animals and obviously cares that they don’t annoy other people.  If they are out in the garden, with a word, he can have them stop barking.  The other two folk, as soon as the better weather comes around their dogs get shut outside in the garden.  One of the guys has his dog shut outside all day while he is at work.

Got a barking dog problem?This dog just barks constantly, and I do mean CONSTANTLY!  As he sometimes heads off to work at weekends, that means the barking can start as early as 6.45am.  No long lie in on a Saturday morning for me then…  No quiet Sunday afternoons either.  If you’re ill or have a headache, too bad; the barking just goes on and on and there’s no let up.

He knows his dog barks all day because he has been told about it.  He’s too selfish to do anything about it though and that dog is just left out there to make my life a misery.  I am actually getting quite depressed that I cannot have a lazy Sunday morning or sit outside and enjoy my garden.  I have been denied these simple pleasures I’m almost longing for winter again, just so that I can have some peace and quiet!

I would say to any dog owners out there, for goodness sake if yours starts barking it’s head off, please think about other people and DO something.  Don’t just leave your pet out there.

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  1. collar 08/10/2014 / 10:59 am

    I could not forget dear Collar for he is my brethren. My brother. My twin brother in fact – co-joined twins.
    to simplify matters however, we will merge our names and post under the new name of 'Doorbell grout'.

  2. Anon 07/10/2014 / 10:32 am

    Looks like collar has forgotten who he or she is, I wonder how many more names he or she uses?

  3. marmalade 07/10/2014 / 8:16 am

    Collar still only has one post per day – perhaps you are favored because most of your posts are sense. Admin Listens to those still helping your talking sense.

    Now to the barking dog If the neighbour wont shift it or bring it in, the council will ORDER him to do so. If he STILL refuses, they apply to his better nature, who knows where that will leave us- as for him, tell him to look after the animals properly for it is a privilege to own such lovely creatures.

    As I said I have had to go through it all with just one post – not easy for old Collar, with my ass of a neighbor who leaves her little doggy all day.

    It finally COST her a fortune in bills for torn furniture and cleaning products.

  4. boblet 06/10/2014 / 12:53 pm

    C. I believe the camel also took the hump over the bad acting, but the giraffe had the neck to remain aloof. I blame the Haggis for its abysmal direction.

    That is my second post C. I will try for a third later. I am still unsure what my precise limit is.

  5. collar 06/10/2014 / 4:53 am

    who remembers T.V. safari show Daktari ?
    The mainly unknown human cast was outstanding, badly let down by the animals who were, quite frankly a disgrace.
    On and off-screen bickering between primate Judy and short-sighted lion Clarance was never far from the scandal pages at the time.
    Demands from the bestial Prima-Donnas became more and more outrageous, and culminated in a highly publicized vice and drugs bust, which resulted in two elephants and a giraffe receiving prison sentences ranging from 5 to 15 years.

  6. kandl 23/03/2013 / 4:42 pm

    Again its down to the owners. Why anyone would want to lock their dogs out all day while they are at work is beyond me. Thinking about my own dogs…if my dogs are out and they want tto come in then they bark at the back door or scratch to come in. So thats prob why his dogs are barking…cos they want to be let in but obviousley they cant be cos the owners not there. if i dont let my dogs out before i go to bed they will bark to alert me in the middle of the night that they need to take a leak. i get up to let them out and hey presto, barking stops! Any owner who cannot hear a dog barking in the night is either tone deaf or on drugs! If im in the house in the summer my dogs are free to come and go as they please into the garden as my door is left open. If they start barking they are told to stop. If these dogs are barking continuously then obviousley they are trying tovtell the owner something but if the owner is not there how can they listen to their dogs? They dont purposely set out to annoy us. again its down to irresponsible owners. its not the animals faault! My elderly neighbours start hammering at 10oclock at night. They are in their sixties. if they dont care about the noise THEY are making, why should they care about their dog yapping at midnight in the garden when my kids are in bed?

  7. john 23/02/2013 / 7:46 pm

    Ban all dogs. Why anyone would want a pet that makes a noise beats me.

  8. emma 10/11/2012 / 2:42 am

    I didnt think a dog barking wud get to me as much but had it now nextdoors dog barks none stop driving me mad my teenage girl hates stopping at home cause of :-(

  9. Gary Peach 21/05/2012 / 10:02 am

    I have a terminal heart condition, next door have bought a dog and they leave it alone shut in the house; it has a bionary bark i.e Woof woof … woof woof
    Iit has gone on almost continuously for the last weeks since they got it, is there an RSPCA leaflet that I can put through their door telling them what they should do to train this dog.
    I know that they both can read as they claim to be chartered civil engineers.
    Otherwise I shall do something deserate if it doesn't stop; I am also an animal, a sapient animal and my welfare is important, more so than a dog. How about a bit of perspective?

  10. fedupinwales 07/06/2011 / 4:16 pm

    Just had another sleepless night. The neighbour has got a dog that sleeps in the room on the other side of my bedroom wall. It barked for 3 hours last night – well, more like howling, really. The walls are thin so it sounds like it's actually in the same room as me!

    So didn't get a lot of sleep. When it finally stopped, I was so annoyed that I just couldn't get back to sleep and had to go in to work after just 2 hours rest.

    I rent a flat, the dog's owner does the same. The landlord doesn't seem to care. Any suggestions?

  11. hairyfairy 11/05/2011 / 5:36 pm

    there is a man living on my block who walks his dog at 1 & 2 o`clock in the morning, & the creature barks & barks& barks, & he never cleans up aftr it either!

  12. a8dyc 24/01/2011 / 11:32 pm

    Yes thats fine but your not being woken up at 5am every morning by somebody elses dog.I hear what your saying though!

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