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  1. Disillusioned of Harrogate 30/07/2013 / 12:10 pm

    Some of the worst offenders are dating websites. They make it next to impossible to find a way to stop auto renewal. Even though you thought you had clicked a box and also called customer service, you still get billed. 'Oh, we needed it in writing.' What a ripoff. Their excuse is 'we bill you automatically in order to avoid any disruption'. What kind of disruption could they mean? A couple of days without seeing my 'daily six' won't kill me. What they really mean is that it would disrupt their supply of free money from people who thought they had cancelled.
    Did I meet any worthwhile? No, most had no photo, the ones that did looked like Santa Claus and the rest listed 'horror films' and 'erotic movies' in their interests. No thanks.

  2. ttrevor b 10/08/2012 / 10:20 am

    yes i quite agree regarding regarding Tastecard. Mine was a complete waste of time too. I never got a reminder notice and they were very adamant they would not give me a refund . My advice – STAY AWAY from them! Belive me there is no good will there. Just a money scamming racket.

  3. Meldrew 18/05/2012 / 7:53 pm

    I'm experiencing the same thing with Tastecard. The card was a waste of time for me as there were too many restrictions and as it was my wife that took out the card I wasn't aware of the small print regarding the renewal practice. The renewal notification e-mail was blocked by my spam filter and when I complained they replied with "we send out notifications as a goodwill gesture and cannot be held liable for non-delivery". In short it's deliberate ploy to take advantage of customers.

    I checked my credit card detail and don't think they have my correct current number so they can whistle for it if they think I'm going to give it to them.

    The government really has got to crackdown on this practice of rolling over contracts and entrapping unwitting customers, I believe its becoming more and more widespread.

  4. Peter 08/05/2012 / 1:28 pm


    I am going through a very similar experience with http://www.xing.com (XING AG) a networking website. Although, in my case, they haven't been able to take the money as my credit card was expired. In What's the current status of your legal pursuit against tastecard?
    Good Luck

  5. Darran 08/02/2012 / 10:54 pm

    I am in the processes of seeking legal advice. Tastecard stole the money out of my account even though they know I did not want to renew my membership again after so many problems using the Tastecard.

    They are a really cheeky company to contact coming across as very underhand. I am determined to get my £30 quids worth of spreading the word. The automatic renewal is underhand and as has already been mentioned across the Internet "very Arthur Daily". They have the cheek to take money from your bank account as if they own it.

    In my experience the Tastecard is a complete waste of space. I have had many embarrassed meals with friends and the bill is not properly discounted. Yes when I made official complaints to the restaurants and Tastecard I have got my overpayment back but its not right. So taking the renewal automatically was the last straw.

    My campaign will now commence against their automatic renewals.

  6. shawy 04/01/2012 / 7:07 pm

    having the same tastecard scam. Has anyone got their money back

  7. peter moss 16/03/2011 / 7:58 am

    BEWARE Tastecard? Tastelondon? tasteashes! Same story. Another money-grabbing company so desperate for your cash it snatches unauthorised payments for its useless product, ("Didn't you look in your Spam Filter for a reminder?") which it then stoically refuses to refund.
    Did I say useless? Yes. The Retaurants that they have persuaded to advertise through them are mostly rubbish. (What self-respecting Restaurant would over charge by 50% just to give you a discount?) Those that aren't, hedge the use of the card with so many "if & buts" that trying to use the card becomes a nightmare and then make you feel like a second class customer.
    If this Harrogate based company really added any value to anyones life they wouldn't need to refuse a reasonable request for a refund.

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