Another Royal Mail ‘Sorry, we missed you’ card

Over the last year or so I have become increasingly frustrated with our local postman.  I regularly take days off to receive deliveries which don’t come and then miraculously I notice the ‘Sorry, we missed you’ card has been put through the letter box with no attempt whatsoever to deliver the parcel.  This has happened a few times and a few weeks ago I even saw the little cretin walking down the road putting the slips in houses, clearly making no attempt to make the delivery.

… doesn’t have the time to ring the doorbell

He obviously doesn’t have the time to ring the doorbell, yet somehow always has the time to knock back a few drinks at the the local pub.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen him sitting at the bar so intoxicated he can barely speak.  I’ve even seen him get up and go to the toilet whilst leaving a back containing letters and packages on the floor.  As far as the postal service goes seeing this kind of thing happening doesn’t exactly instill much faith.

Postage stamps, Sorry we missed youI have another gripe with Royal Mail regarding parcels.  I regularly have items delivered via 24 hour express post.  The parcels don’t turn up on the due date of arrival, so I pop into the local post office the following day and after a bit of hassle finally get the parcel.  Then low and behold, later that day the ‘Sorry, we missed you’ card appears out of nowhere.  This is not an isolated incident and I do wonder if something underhanded is going on.  Perhaps someone thinks that I won’t go and pick up the parcel so they can just help themselves to its contents – who knows?  I cannot think of any other reason why the card would appear after I’ve picked the parcel up.  Maybe I’m just cynical!

I have noticed increasingly poor levels of Service from Royal Mail recently and have lodged complaints via the website, all of which seem to fall on deaf ears as I never get a response.  I don’t really see what option I have left really.  If I confront the postman about this, do you think the chances of me getting my parcels on time would improve?  I think not.

By: Steve L

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  1. BIG UP THE POSTIES 20/01/2014 / 4:10 pm

    As a postmen myself it makes no sense, our aim is to get rid of our packets, the more we get rid of the less we have to carry and the less work we have to in the depot and to be honest more often than not it's the customers who fail to even hear the door bell or the chap on the door, i'll get asked why i didnt ring the bell or chap the door, when i knew for a fact i did, why take time off work for a packet that you obviously think the postmen isn't going to attempt to deliver which is obviously a lie as we have no reason not to attempt delivery, as for that rubbish about not bringing parcels out is utter crap we have to deliver mail or our weekly delivery performance goes done which results in job losses. Last of all our office is a small office, the staff that work in the office finish at 1 and the postman don't get back to the office till half 1 at the earliest so no one is able to access the area where the packets are kept, the postmen should possibly be clearer on the card saying that the packet will be available for collection the next day and not 24 hours, apart from that minor detail the rest of what i have read is utter crap

  2. Royal Mail = Rip Off 21/11/2013 / 2:02 pm

    Royal Mail – a completely useless service. What's the point of the "Signed For" service if the delivering postman doesn't even bother to get your signature and just dumps the mail packet in the collective postbox in our block?

    The managers of the Royal Mail are useless as they should be quality checking this service regularly They should all be sacked.

    This is rip-off as the sender has paid extra for this service.

  3. Iwantmyparcel 16/07/2013 / 12:50 pm

    Its not that they cant be bothered ringing the bell its that they don't even take the parcels that are too big for a mailbox with them. If you catch them at the door they'll phone up and a driver will deliver it, if you don't catch them you'll have to trek to the sorting office the next day. Why it takes 24hrs to get a parcel ready for collection I don't know. Shambles.

  4. Peter 14/06/2013 / 10:29 am

    They're just fookin useless and expensive. Same old same old. And this is true for most other public services also.

  5. Soraking007 04/04/2013 / 3:55 pm

    usually my postman is really good and its always the same postman and they always ring the bell and knock but im currently waiting on 2 separate items supposed to be dispatched on the 2nd as it could be delivered on bank holiday monday and here i am 2 days later wondering if the idiots have lost it or just cant be bothered. the stories here arent encouraging and will make sure our postman nos if he does something like that he'll be fired within the week.

  6. Wez 19/02/2013 / 12:15 pm

    No surprise at all. I heard someone dropped something through the letter box and I found it was a note about the delivery. I rushed out and luckily I just saw the van about to leave. The man obviously just prepared the note in the van and cannot be bothered to knock the door and wait.

  7. Gordon BrownArse 20/12/2012 / 7:56 am

    Just had the dreaded "something for you" card through the door, third time in about 6 weeks , every time we were home and no attempt to ring the bell. This morning's one was at 7;30, it must be a policy of the managers to do this otherwise the postmen would surely be getting reprimanded all the time and sacked eventually.The public need to be told if this IS a deliberate policy because it really stinks!!

  8. nicky 09/12/2012 / 11:35 am

    my postman came to my front door waited a second then went back to van, did not ring bell then takes my parcels to a neighbour, don't ask me which one as no card left , I am unable to get hold of my neighbour as gone away. this has taken me two weeks to find this information out. As one was tracked and says been delivered. lucky I have cctv so have evidence no parcels delivered to me. all customer services tell you is go to sorting office and check with them. royal mail are rubbish.

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