Neighbour parking in front of my house

We have a neighbour who doesn’t work having recently become a mum and not a day goes by without them having visitors.  The trouble is they often park at the bottom of our front lawn right outside the house.  They park fully on the pavement mind you, which is illegal, and they basically treat the front of our house as if it was their car park!  This wouldn’t be quite so bad if it were not for that fact that they have a drive which easily takes two cars and often gets left empty whilst someone is parked outside our house.  The pavement itself is very wide as it’s on a corner, which means you can fully park on the pavement (which, as I say, is illegal) and it ends up looking like some sort of ‘adhoc’ car park.

Our neighbour’s house is the end of the street, which means there’s no one on the other side, there’s just a side road which means there’s really no excuse for their thoughtless parking.  I’ve asked them countless times not to allow their visitors to park outside our house and the response was “What’s the problem?!!”.  Well I think the problem is that some people are incredibly selfish and inconsiderate!

A house numberThe Weekly Gripe says: I can fully appreciate where you are coming from with this gripe.  We used to rent a house in a place called Caversfield and experienced similar parking issues with my neighbour.  She introduced herself to us shortly after she bought the house next door by complaining to us that according to her deeds our parking space was actually hers and ours was the next one down.  This was actually quite amusing because the parking space was directly outside our house.  What did she expect us to do, ask everyone in the street to move down one space to keep her happy?

This was then followed up by months of inconvenience due to her visitors parking in our space.  I’ve lost count of the number times we had to knock on the door and ask them to move so we could park up.  More often than not it was her mother that was visiting… (mumbles something about like mother, like daughter).  This was particularly irritating after arriving home late at night with a small child and a boot full of luggage to ferry into the house.  But the most annoying thing about all this was there was actually an overflow car park nearby that was set aside for the use of visitors.

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  1. Sick of Stupid 26/03/2014 / 11:00 pm

    "Collar" You are a prize dick. Grow up, Stop taking the substances, and maybe you'll start posting something sensible?
    There's nothing here to see…..move along please.

  2. Nick 19/03/2014 / 9:35 am

    Businesses should not have been allowed to be based in residential areas. They should all fook off to an industrial park or somewhere.

  3. collar 17/03/2014 / 4:24 pm

    I see a lot of lawn pavings, in person well let me tell you lots of people in housing estetes are innocent, they have been fitted up by the police ,they look how many people come out and actually use their front gardens. the public are the ones filling up their gardens with strange plants, and then make allegations and charges that they use to have troubles made for innocents!

  4. Witty 17/03/2014 / 12:46 pm

    My Neighbour decided to pave over their front lawn – supposedly to allow off road parking. Within 2 week of finishing they purchased a large motor home and began parking it in front of their house.

    However from my living room all we could see was the motorhome.

    I contacted the council who did nothing, so I got a solicitor to write to them telling them they were breaching local bylaws and to return the garden to grass. The motor home was gone the next day and within 2 week it has been grassed over again.

    Try it with vans parked in front of your house it might work.

  5. susie 17/03/2014 / 9:36 am

    i bought 2 dummy cctv cameras, because the woman across the road is so nosey she must have nosyitis, she, is 60 put her armchair against the window, to look in our houses so i got vertical blinds, when i went to the bathroom i turned the light off and went to my bedroom and the woman got up to look up at the bedroom, this is the reason, she does not want 1 of 3 big white vans outside her window even though, they are their own vans, it would block her view, it blocks my view and my neighbours, 1 van is idle, and 2 are being used, 1 gets parked, outside our houses, the other 1, outside an anchor org, nursing home, as been there for 5 weeks plus they have a land rover also this is 35 ribble avenue. darwen, Lancashire.(rainbow drains) paramedics, fire brigade, and medical/nursing staff complain all the time, work men at anchor org. do have vans, but cannot help, parking

  6. suegee 24/02/2014 / 10:16 pm

    Rainbow Drains, small family business, 3 large white vans, 35 Ribble Avenue, Darwen, Lancs, where their business is based, they park these vans,1 outside of me and my neighbours, house, 1 outside a care home, the other outside of their neighbours,(an arrangement may be in place) the wife said, to her husband your not parking it outside of our house as it blocks my view, as she's a very nosy women, the vans are double parked, they been told by most of the neighbours, the street is full of traffic as it is. I am not complaining about cars, as they cannot park because of these vans. They have a long drive, and a garage, and also a land rover. I understand the care home have medical staff but cannot park. My son, had to park at the bottom of the street, and my next door neighbours family cannot park either it makes me so mad.

  7. jeff 27/08/2013 / 10:38 pm

    I have a terraced town house which has a drive just a little to short to park 2 cars on.The tarmac drive has no boundary divider between my neighbour and i,he has had a car parked on the drive rotting away now for around 7yrs.He also has 2 other vehicles at his disposal which he and his wife use.i've approached him for a friend who wanted to buy the engine,but he said that there's nothing wrong with the car.When i went to work the other morning at 0430 his overnight guest had parked on my drive and boxed me in.After knocking his door i finally left for work 10 minutes later than expected.Can i get the vehicle moved by dvla,or local council,how do i check if the vehicle is on sorn.It is also causing problems with another neighbour on the other side of him in a seperate block of townhouses. Open to any suggestions to this problem as i am due to collect my 2nd vehicle for my partner,and i know that this will probably cause problems but it is a small car which will fit snugly mind, behind my car on my drive.thanks for reading yours jeff.

  8. niknaknok 18/04/2013 / 9:53 am

    my neighbour is an idiot, if we park out side our own house he parks bumper to bumper with our car, but if some one else parks out side our house he parks lower down so that we cant park our car in front of his car (because it would over hang on to some ones else drive) ,he tries to block us in all the time! i think its s-xual frustration on his part because im better looking younger and slimmer than his wife :) ,my cars better than his and my kids are better looking too ha ha this at the moment is the only legal thing he can do to us to annoy us (which it doesnt really, we laugh at what an idiot he is esp when my other neighbors notice what an idiot he is too.

  9. Lucy Locket 05/12/2012 / 9:28 pm

    We live in a narrow single width lane and we park in our drive. Unfortunately the people opposite have a smaller drive, have not put extra parking in and now wish to park outside their house partly on their property and partly the highway. Plus their friends as well. We have disputed this with them as it makes it difficult to reverse out of our drive. I have resisted taking them to court as they have a young family but we need to do something. Firstly the woman said I could knock her door and she would move the car and then we could be nice neighbours. I don't want anything to do with her and certainly on days when the weather is foul to be going over to her door to ask if I may get out. Do you think I could charge her say £1 a minute if I did knock the door and then waited for my access to be cleared.? If this works then maybe it would be the way forward for others too who have these problems without resorting to Barristers. Small claim courts. This way I could deter her from blocking me without destroying their family home with the courts.

  10. Dr Wentworth 25/11/2012 / 9:17 pm

    What these sarcastic deadbeats such as 'Get Lost' write is of no consequence, as they are probably the same sort of feelingless morans that insist on their own rights but rarely acknowledge other people's feelings. In effect most sociapaths, such as the one above, go through life without ever being aware of others and their observations always tend to be anal or aggresive. I am truly amazed by how many of these types trawl the internet looking for ways of being unpleasant and never contribute anything which is remotely constructive. The fact is, common curtesy costs nothing, and although there may be no legislation to stop anyone from parking outside someone's house, or perhaps occasionally on the curb, if that person has a drive they should use it. People who deliberately, or lazily, park in the street when there are clear alternatives should take their head out of their backside and become aware that cluttering up a street creates obstacles that put children and other pedestrians at risk from oncoming traffic. I have also seen one instance where an ambulance was unable to park outside a house, where multi street parking had occured, and the occupant was suffering a heart attack………as a result of the delay that person died. Now what stupid remarks can Mr Get Lost make about this?…..I shudder to think what may be going through the mind of such a creature.

  11. Jethro 14/07/2012 / 6:40 pm

    call me sir, At first I thought you were being serious, but now see what you have written is sarcasam. Unfortunately, your comments will fall on deaf ears because the snobs of this country (council tenants to millionaires) haven't the intelligence to understand that they are fooling nobody but themselves.

  12. Call me Sir. 14/07/2012 / 12:41 pm

    Get Lost, How dare you suggest the public road outside my house is for my neighbours to park their inferior car. Iam more important than them, my position at work is better than them and they should show much more respect to my wife and I. In fact I try to earn more than anybody else in the street by grabbing as much overtime as possible. If anybody tries to better me with a new car or whatever, I will do anything to show just who's number one…Iam special don't you know…………….(Sounds like a familiar UK story).

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