Employment law and unfair dismissal

My contract with the company I was working for was terminated just over three weeks ago.  Today I received a letter informing me that I would receive pay for my notice period of one week.  This was a grand total of £250.  Underneath this the statement said holidays payments would be deducted ( -5.26 days which comes to £442).   It then went on to say that I owed them and have an employee debt of £192!!!  WHAT?  How the hell did that happen?  Since when was five days days holiday worth more than 5 days working?  Does this make any sense to anyone?

they simply terminated my employment…

The notice payment wasn’t the only issue I had.  I decided to speak to ACAS to report them for unfair dismissal because they simply terminated my employment one cold wet Friday morning and I wasn’t given any opportunity to appeal.  At the time I just packed up my desk and walked away thinking they can do that.  However, someone at the job centre said to me that they can’t do that with out a series of written and verbal warnings.  As an employee I had rights (or so they thought).

Employment law regarding unfair dismissalAnyway, I had a chat with ACAS about my situation and it really opened my eyes about a few things.  For example, if you work for a company, any company for less than a year they can get rid of you and you won’t have the same rights in an unfair dismissal claim as someone who had been there a few months longer.  Now how bad is that.. seriously?  As far as my job goes, I had a 3 month probational period and did very well during that and after.  I had absolutely no problems with my employer and they seemed happy with my work.  Two weeks short of that year though and I’m out on my ear!!

It’s not just a tough for those of you out there looking for work, it’s even tougher now trying to stay in a job without your employer taking advantage of the system.  Current employment law is not fair on workers at all!  “For unfair dismissal claims, an employee must have one year’s continuous service.” – twelve months is a very long time!

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