Elderly people have feelings and deserve respect

How many of you look at the older person as a pain? Come on they move at a pace that comes close to a snail and when your behind them you are delayed for your own busy lifestyle.

Old Folks Crossing
Theyre always making buses late trying to count out their change for their concessionary fare. The queue in the chemist is always out of the door on pension day, just at that time when you are in a major rush and need to pay that bill that has been bothering you for ages!

Now lets try and imagine we are in their shoes.  We work all our lives trying to make the world a nicer place for our children to grow up in.  We were children once who ran about furiously thinking that if we didn’t rush we would be out of time.  We all met our true loves and married and helped the population by having our beloved children, experienced the heart break and the pain of losing loved ones and friends. 
Old peopleOur grandchildren look up to us and realise that we are wise and know the answers to everything.

Why not just take some time out of your busy lifestyles to see that we do not grow old gracefully, we lose respect, our looks, our figures. This is something that we are brave enough to accept and understand. We try not to be angry with those who laugh at us and make remarks, but there is only so much we can take.

We are people with feelings and minds too

One day YOU will grow old and understand what I am saying. Until then please just try and understand that we are people with feelings and minds too and treat us with some consideration.

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  1. hairyfairy 19/03/2013 / 5:16 pm

    I hate nature! she gives us things like health & looks, then has a fun time taking them away!, seriously though, I dread old age more than anything, & I only wish that I could stop the age clock.

  2. Fed up pedestrian 30/12/2012 / 7:12 pm

    An interesting news item from China.

    The government has passed a law stating that adult children have to visit their ageing parents often, although they don't define the term "often", or risk being sued by said parents for neglect of their needs.

    A combination of economic development leading to people moving to the cities for work, increased longevity and the one child per couple policy has resulted in a degree of breakdown of family ties and the ancient culture of extended families looking after the elderly.

    More Chinese people are living longer and, as in the West, more are living alone in old age. With no welfare safety net there will be fewer earners to support the elderly and perhaps even a disinclination to do so if they start to value money more than family and old ideas of duty.

  3. rebecca 11/10/2012 / 9:59 am

    this touched me! everyone should respect there elders its bang out if they dont!! this really put a proper soft spot on my heart we will be old one day, so all they nasty people out there leave them alone!!!

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